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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Irish Quilting

One of my favorite places to visit is Ireland.  Sue and I went there 3 1/2 years ago and it's one of the most beautiful places.  I've only been there once but I would love to return.  The countryside was beautiful and there was so much to see.  We didn't get to see everything that we wanted so I guess there might be another trip in the future!  Here are some pictures of the wonderful countryside:


About 2 years ago, a new publication Irish Quilting, started their business.  Since then, I have designed two quilts to go in their magazine.  One has already been published and it is called Blue me Over.  Here is a picture of it: 

Soon, I will have another quilt in their magazine.  It is so much fun to see your designs in a magazine, let alone one from another country.  My mind is imagining on what I can do next with them!  Can't wait!

One of the best things about Irish Quilting is that they photograph the quilts in the countryside.  It is so beautiful that you can't believe it.  It's a great magazine just to see the countryside alone!

So, Tillie is doing much better in Puppy Kindergarten.  I missed last week, bad mom!  I just had too much going and couldn't make it.  Everyone was worried that we dropped out.  We are back and last night she made me proud.  She actually sat when I told her to, walked beside me fairly well and even laid down when I told her to!  She is learning and me too!  The biggest news is that she actually went through the big blue tube that they put out.  The first time, she would have NOTHING to do with it!  She pulled on the leash, barked and freaked out.  This time, she balked a bit but when she saw me at the other end, she came tearing through to get me.  Not only once but twice!!  So, last night was a good night!  We might make it and I'm even considering going on to the next class.  I don't know how the trainers will feel but what can you do?!


One of the best things about Tillie is that she is super affectionate.  I pick her up like a baby and she puts her paws around my neck and gives me kisses.  Then, nips my nose!  Here is a picture of my big baby!


Well, until next time, happy sewing!


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Thursday, February 17, 2011

February is a great month to sew!

Don't you think that February is the perfect month to sew?  The weather is generally pretty bad and it's either snowing, raining or both.  So, I think you either need to go somewhere warm, (like Phoenix or California)  Carrie and Nicole have it great, right now!  Or sew the whole month!  Wouldn't it be great if we could just sew every day?  Imagine what we could get done. 

This weekend I am headed up to WI with friends for a sewing retreat.  We do this twice a year and this is the time that we go.  I'm hoping to get alot done and I'm sure there will be much laughing, eating and sewing. 

Besides my own projects, my friend Joyce's husband wants her to make Ballyseede out of my fabric line.  Sue and I told her that we would help out.  So, it's all cut and ready to go.  I am teaching it next weekend at Life's a Stitch in Janesville, WI so it will be a good way to go over it before class.  We still have kits available at bundlesandbolts.com so if you are interested, they are there. 


Tuesday, I had the please of visiting Heritage Quilt Guild in Crown Point, IN.  This is my second time lecturing and teaching at this guild.  Marilyn is the speaker coordinater and she is wonderful!  We get along great.  I taught Fit to be Square and last time I taught Fit to be Geese.  Maybe the next time I can teach my next ruler...!  I'm working on my fourth ruler and I'm hoping that it will be ready by Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City.  Just a hint, you will be able to square up your blocks and 1/4 square triangles. 

In the next few days, I'm going to start to advertise pre-orders of my book.  I'm anxiously waiting to see it!  Here is the information that C&T Publishing is providing: 


Have a great weekend and talk to you next week!

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Puppy Shreds
I have a new marketing idea.  I'm going to take Tillie to offices and give her their documents that need shredding!  She is perfect for the job.  Why? You ask.  Well, let me tell you.  I was getting ready for work yesterday morning and I was not paying attention to Tillie.  She decided that she was mad at me for locking her in the family room.  By the way, she has her toys, water, a comfy couch to sleep on and a great view of the front and back yard.  Life is tough, huh?  So, when I came in after getting ready, what did I see? 



And this:


She was so proud of the fact that she took all the kleenex and shredded it to bits.  How much fun is that, mom?  I wasn't happy about cleaning up but how can you get mad at that face?!?! 

I did get to do some sewing this past weekend.  I trimmed a lot of flying geese.  If you have the Mini Fit to be Geese Ruler, I have a really great trick for it.  I like to trim 2" x 3 1/2" geese with the mini because I can trim 2 sides at once.  I also cut 3-4 layers of post-it notes to a 1" square.  Then I stick it on the back of my ruler where the "roof" of the ruler is.  What the post-it notes do is prevent the ruler from slipping when you trim. 


Then, I trim the two sides, right and top (or left and top if you are left-handed), rotate the piece, line up the 2" x 3 1/2" line on the bottom and the trimmed side to the side and trim the last 2 sides.  Quick and easy if you are doing 280 flying geese, which I was! 


This trick comes from Sue in Madison, WI.  I really appreciate this wonderful trick and use it a lot!

I've added some new dates and places that I will be lecturing and teaching at so make sure you check my Upcoming Events section of my website.

Have a great week.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Blizzard - Snow Day!
Well, most of you are either in the midst of getting a blizzard or are aware of the blizzard.  Here in the midwest, we are in the midst of it.  When you talk to everyone there are complaining about the snow.  I totally understand if you have to drive in an emergency or are stranded and I sympathise.  But, I am actually excited about having a snow day.  It gives me a chance to be at home with Bill and the dogs.  It's like a free day.  Normally, I would be working then come home and work some more.  I think that tomorrow I'm going to take the day and sew all day!  What a great way to spend a day inside.    

It looks like Puppy Kindergarten will be cancelled for tomorrow.  Tillie and I will just have to practice tomorrow night.  She is getting really good at sitting and down but she is still doesn't like the leash.  We are working on it though.   

This last weekend, I taught at Patches and Prints retreat.  It was awesome.  I love all the ladies that attend the retreat and several of my students got their quilt done.  Very impressive!  Here is a picture of the finished quilt. 


We do a show and tell on Friday night of the year before quilt.  I taught Winter Wonder and here are some of the finished quilts. 



If you are interested in attending next year's retreat, let me know and we can put your name on the list to receive information.

Have a great snow day!

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