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Fit to be Geese Video

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Fit to be Quarter

1.  Start with 2 squares 1" larger than the unfinished size of your quarter-square triangle or hourglass block.  I want a 4" unfinished square so I cut my light and dark 5" x 5".  On the back of the light square, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner.  Sew 1/4" from both sides of the line.

2.  Cut on the line and press towards the dark.  Rotate one piece and place it, right sides together on the other piece.  Make sure that the light is on the dark and the dark is on the light.

3.  Draw a diagonal line on one of the pieces, bisecting the seam.  Sew 1/4" from the drawn line.

4.  Cut on the line and press the pieces in one direction.  You get two quarter-square triangles.


5.  Using the Fit to be Quarter, line up the two diagonal lines so the two lines cross on the 2" at the center of the block.  Also, watch to make sure that the diagonal lines on the top left are at 4" and the bottom right are at 4".  Trim the two sides.

6.  Rotate the piece and line up the 4" lines on the edges that you just cut.  Trim the two remaining sides.  There you go, perfect quarter-square triangles!

Fit to be Quarter - Option #2

Combination Unit:

First, start with 2 squares and 2 rectangles (sizes included in the instructions).  Sew them together and press towards the squares.


Rotate one and sew them together.


On the back, snip the center of the middle seam and press one side up and one side down towards the squares.


Again, on the back of this piece, draw a diagonal line using a 45 degree angle or your Fit to be Quarter ruler.  Make sure that the line goes right through the seam.  Rotate the piece and draw another line on the other side.


Place the larger rectangle, right sides together on the piece that you just made.  Again, sizes are included in the ruler instructions.  Sew on the lines.


Cut a 1/4" in from the lines.  There will be a small scrap inbetween your cut lines.


Press towards the large triangle.


Trim the unit by placing the ruler with the square in the top right corner.  Determine the size of the piece that you are trimming it to.  Once you have that measurement, place the square so that the lines on the ruler are at 1/2 the unfinished size.  Trim the two sides.  For example, if you are cutting a 4" unfinished square, line the square up on the 2" markings. 



Rotate the piece and line up the unfinished size on the trimmed edges.  For example, square to 4".