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Lectures and Workshops


I am available for lectures and workshops for both guilds and quilt shops.  I love to travel and visit with quilters and will travel across the country.  I live in Loves Park, IL which is northwest of Chicago about 1/2 hour from the Wisconsin border.


1.  My Quilting Journey -

Come join me through my quilting journey.  I will bring over 50 quilts and show how each quilt is created, the techniques used, how the quilts are named and much more!  You will get a history of what started my design career as well as how it has progressed.

2.  Designing Fabric and Books - how is that done?

In this lecture, I will walk you through the steps of fabric design.  From how the idea is born to the final product...fabric!  Also, the lecture includes a talk on how a quilt book is created.  Plenty of quilts will be brought to see and enjoy!

Price for a 45 minute to 1 hour lecture:  $400.00 plus mileage and lodging (if applicable)


I can teach any of my patterns that I have designed. 

Price for an all day workshop:  $500.00 plus mileage and lodging (if applicable)